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Patrick Jordan, President

Patrick Jordan, the President of Vanadium Systems, LLC,  is a 30 year veteran of the electronics industry. His expertise covers embedded systems, software/systems engineering, and semiconductors. During a 26 year career with Motorola, Pat managed large multi-national technical organizations and led complex embedded systems projects. Just a few of his achievements include:

  • Managing an Advanced Microcontroller business.
  • Managing Motorola’s European Microcontroller Design and Development organization.
Innovative and results oriented, Pat brings a strong track record of success with a wide variety of clients in the electronics industry, some of whom include:
Continental, Chrysler, Ford, BMW, GM, Volvo, Jaguar, VW, Fiat, Bosch, Visteon, Motorola, Kostal, Magnetti Marelli, Philips.

Pat, a native of Scotland who has been resident in the US since 1997, holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, and is a chartered Engineer with the IEE. Over 20 patent filings attest to his track record of innovation ranging from complex microcontroller timer circuits to new disruptive technologies in network communications.